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salute venezia1Venice, a crossroads of important trade routes, has often had to deal with epidemics. Many centuries were affected by the plague: the black plague, the bubonic plague, the smallpox, the Spanish, ... In 1423 it was Venice that introduced the isolation of the plague victims on the island of the Lazzaretto Vecchio, while in the Lazzaretto Nuovo (1468) they had to stop those arriving in Venice from other areas in quarantine.

According to tradition, Lazarus was ill with leprosy and, for this reason, the places where the plague victims were welcomed were called lazarets. As in the case of the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni where the convent of the same name can still be visited.

The GUIDED TOUR includes the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco, also patron of the plague victims, to admire the masterpieces of Tintoretto. Then the Chiesa della Salute, Longhena's masterpiece that he built at the end of the plague in 1631.

NOTE: The itinerary includes admission with ticket to the Scuola Grande and admission (free) to the Basilica della Salute.

Time spent: 3h, 00 min

OTHER ITINERARIES: Many other places and artists remember the plague (the Church of the Redeemer, the Church of S. Sebastiano, the Titian, the Sansovino, ... Request a tailor-made itinerary)

To ensure the spacing, this service is carried out with a radio microphone system

- this itinerary doesen't include interiors.
- timing: 1h,45min
- service with a radio microphone system

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