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Time: 2 hours
Transport: on foot
Suggested time: all-year
Geographic location: completely flat


Vicenza, located in a green plain near Monti Berici, is universally known as the city of Palladio, who transformed it into one of the most beautiful Italian cities of the Reinassance. He built an impressive number of architectural works there; some of them were considered so valuable that in 1994 they were included among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Tour starts from the Teatro Olimpico, which represents Palladio's last project.

The entire work began in 1580 and was concluded by a Palladio's pupil, Vincenzo Scamozzi.

The work represents the first example of a permanent theater of modern times.

The tour leads to Piazza dei Signori where stands the marble church (1549) and the Loggia del Capitaniato (1571): these are also Palladio's masterpieces.

You will also pass the following landmarks:

Churches: Santa Corona basilica [closed for renovation until 2012], the Cathedral, San Lorenzo;
Monuments: the Tower of the Square, Pigafetta House, da Schio Palace, Trissino Baston Palace, Porta Castello;
Palladio's works: Palazzo Thien, Basilica Palladiana, Palazzo Chiericati, Loggia del Capitanio, Palazzo Valmarana, Palazzo Barbaran da Potro, Palazzo Porto Breganze, Teatro Olimpico.

Excursion (with an extra charge of about an hour and a half)

Villa Almerico Capra, called la Rotonda is located near the city on a rouded summit; the villa, built by Andrea Palladio from 1556, is a jewel of Reinassance architecture and is one of the earliest examples of private building with a central plan.

- this itinerary doesen't include interiors.
- timing: 1h,45min
- service with a radio microphone system


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