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Time: an hour and a half bbbbbbbbbbbbb

Transport: on foot
Suggested time: from March to November

In one of his homages to his hometown, Dino Buzzati, a famous writer and journalist of the twentieth century Italian, says that "the enchantment of Belluno and its valley is given by the meeting between the world of Venice with the mark of its unmistakable architectures and the world of the north with mysterious mountains, long winters, fairy tales".

In the city buildings that have come up from the sea
and rustic houses that have come down from the mountains,
that have come down from the mountains, coexist in the distance of
few hundred meters with a strange and quite fabulous effect ".
The name of the city comes from the Celtic, "Belo-donum"
which means "bright hill", due to its favorable position in Val Belluna,
a wide green valley which extends in the mountains
for about forty kilometers.
This marvellous city is situated near the Dolomites,
declared on June 26 2009 UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tour includes a walkin throught the historic center,
starting from Piazza Duomo, the heart of the ancient city.
It overlooks the palaces of the ancient city power,
today the prefecture, the neo-gothic Town Hall
and the Palazzo dei Vescovi, today the Auditorium,
to continue towards the Palazzo Crepadona,
a sixteenth-century building that now houses the Civic Library,
the Centro Culturale Cittadino, which often houses temporary exhibitions;
the church of S. Stefano, which preserves interesting works of art
including the two wooden angels by the sculptor Andrea Brustolon.
Just outside the walls, there is the ancient "Campedel" or Piazza dei Martiri,
with its long walk called "listòn".

- this itinerary doesen't include interiors.
- timing: 1h,45min
- service with a radio microphone system



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