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chiesasagiovanniinbragorasitoThe sestiere is one of the six areas where the city of Venice is divided. Corresponds to the neighborhood of other towns. This also leads to visitors from special numbers in the everyrurier of its rush cutings tradition past 7000. We often have two very different civic numbers with a short distance from each other.

Each guide offers one of six provinces, which are: 

Cannaregio, who draws his name from the many reeds who were in this very tidal area Castello, who took his name from a fort that the area developed, but now no longer exists. It also includes the island of S. Michele, the Municipal Cemetery Dorsorduro, maybe the name is derived from the dunes of a very compact sand that once existed also includes the Island of GiudeccaSan Marco, takes its name from the famous Basilica dedicated to the patron saint. The island of San Giorgio Maggiore is also part of San Polo, is the name of the church of the same name and is in the center of Venice where the Rialto market is located; Santa Croce, also includes the access area to Venice: Piazzale Rome, Tronchetto and Maritime Station.

The Sesitieri are symbolically displayed by the six iron teeth of the gondola, while the rear tooth represents the island of Giudecca;The shape of the Salcante at its spot is reminiscent of the road of the Grand Canal, which reminiscent of small bows on the last bar on the Rialto Bridge and the wide top volume indicates the San Marco Basin and the Dogenhorn.

Cannaregio: Church of the Ss. Apostoli, Jesuits (S. Maria Assunta), S. Alvise, Madonna dell'Orto, S. Lucia, S. Maria dei Miracoli, Scalzi San Polo: S. Polo, Church and School Grande di S. Rocco; S. Maria, Gloriosa dei Frari, S. Giovanni Elemosinaro; S. Giacomo di Rialto, S. Croce, S. Nicola da Tolentino, S. Simeone and Giuda Apostoli, S. Simeon Grande, S. Simeon Piccolo, S. Giacomo dell'Orio, S. Stae, S. Maria Mater Domini, S. Salvador, S. Stefano, S. Vidal, S. Moise ', S. Barnaba, S. Maria dei Carmini, della Salute, delle Zittelle, S. Zuane Decolla', SM del Giglio, S. Giorgio Maggiore Dorsoduro and Giudecca: of the Ss. Redentore, S. Sebastiano, S.M. del Rosario (Gesuati), S. Nicolo 'dei Mendicoli, S. Pietro di Castello, S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni, S. Giorgio dei Greci, S. Zaccaria, S. M. Formosa, S. M. dei Miracoli, SS. Giovanni and Paolo (Zanipolo), of S. Lorenzo, Casa del Tintoretto, Casa del Tiziano, Palazzo Mastelli, Casino in Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, Ca 'd'Oro, Marco Polo's house, Palazzo Labia, Gallerie dell'Accademia Palazzo dei Camerlenghi, Palazzo Mocenigo, Casa Goldoni, Rialto bridge, School of S. Giovanni Evangelista Santa Croce:, International Gallery of Modern Art in Ca 'Pesaro, Fondaco dei Turchi, Palazzo Corner della Regina, San Marco: Basilica of S. Marco , Fenice, Correr Museum, Ponte della Paglia and Ponte dei Sospiri; Palazzo Ducale, Bell Tower, Marciana Library, Ca 'Rezzonico; Peggy Guggenhaim Museum (Palazzo Venier dei Leoni), Palazzo Grassi, Ca 'Dario, squero di S. Trovaso, Castello, Casa del Tiepolo, Scuola Grande di S. Marco, Naval History Museum and the Arsenal. Trad. G.S.

To ensure the spacing, this service is carried out with a radio microphone system

- this itinerary doesen't include interiors.
- timing: 1h,45min
- service with a radio microphone system

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