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A nice walk through the streets of our "Little Venice“ 
Why is it worth a visit ? …..
Treviso, situated in Venicelandis completely built on the water: two rivers flow through the town, Sile and Botteniga or Cagnan, as the famous Italian poet Dante called it in his Divine Comedy (1304/1321).
These are spring rivers and come out from underground. They influenced the locals’ lives as well as means of transport, commercial activities and the production of the famous Red Radicchio of Treviso.
During our Treviso Sightseeing, you will explore the major attractions: Riviera S. Margherita, Quartiere Latino (the University area), Dante bridge near the old squero, Isola della Pescheria (the fishmarket island), Buranelli, Piazza Duomo, the old Roman road at this time known as Calmaggiore, Via Roggia, Piazza dei Signori with Palazzo dei Trecento, via Barberia, Boobs Fountain and Loggia dei Cavalieri. The beauty of this historical and little city will leave you breathless.

The same itinerary is also included in our biketour proposals 

- this itinerary doesen't include interiors.
- timing: 1h,45min
- service with a radio microphone system



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