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Walk in the places painted by the genius who first depicted glasses in
the history of art:t.da.modena.occhiali
- Church of San Nicolò: fresco depicting S. Agnese, S. Girolamo, S. Romualdo and S. Giovanni Battista
- Sala del Capitolo in the cloister of S. Nicolò: cycle of the 40 friars of the Dominican order including the famous image of Cardinal Ugo da Provenza wearing glasses and Cardinal Nicolò Da Rouen using a magnifying glass
- Diocesan Museum: the Cristo Passo coming from the ancient bishopric
- Church of Santa Lucia: Madonna della Farfalla
- Church of San Francesco: Madonna Enthroned and Saints
- Church of Santa Maria Maggiore: Madonna Enthroned preserved in the inlaid altar dedicated to the Madonna Granda
- Museum of Santa Caterina: with the masterpiece of the Stories of Sant'Orsola


Time taken: 2h

To ensure the spacing, this service is carried out with a radio microphone system



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