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Time: an hour an a half
Transport: on foot
Suggested time: all-year


The city lies along the River Adige, about thirty Km east of Lake Garda. The tour includes a visit to the city's most famous monument; it represents the symbol of the city itself: the Arena, the third largest Roman amphitheater. Among those that still exist, it is the best preserved and so it is now used to host numerous concerts. However, the beating heart of the city remains the central Piazza Brà. Here you can admire buildings of different ages and different architectures. Palazzo Barbieri is a place of great interest. The council offices are here.

Other landmarks: Gran Guardia, Fontana delle Alpi that remember the partnership between the city of Verona and Monaco di Baviera since 1975; the Scaliger Bridge is a magnificent example of fourteenth-century military engineering which extends over the Adige and the ancient walls.

Verona is a city now widely known and admired in the world also thanks to William Sheakspeare, the great English poet and playwright who thought that this was the ideal setting for his most famous work, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.