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La Cittadella fortificata della provincia di PadovaTime: 6 hours
Transport: on foot
Suggested time: from March to November
Geographic location: completely flat


Camposampiero is situated 20 km north of Padua; here you can admire the ruins of the Castle walls with the Torri della Rocca and the Clock; there is also the neo –Gothic Santuario del Noce dating from the nineteenth century with its Chapel that dates back to the fifteenth century.

Cittadella is known for its thirteenth – century walls; they are well-preserved and still viable. South of Padua, along the Canale Battaglia, there are several villas:Villa Molin, Villa Selvatico, Villa Maldura, Villa Italia and Villa Foscolo; Calajo Castle. Monselice was charachterized by five 5 city walls; nowadays unfortunately only three gates and two towers remain.

On the top of the hill lies Castle Ca' Marcello and the Mastio Federiciano; here there is also a Sanctuary of the so called Seven Churches.

Este and Montagnana are situated south of the Euganean Hills. In Este the fourteenth century Castle is worth a visit, even if today the structure of the Castle is different: only the walls' ruins remain, while the central body, transformed into a palace of the seventeenth century, is now adapted to a great Archeological Museum. Regarding the city walls, you can still admire Torre Civica di Porta Vecchia and Rocca di Ponte di Torre. From the Castle, you can enjoy a walk through the villas.

In Montagnana the most relevant monuments are: the city wall dating back to the thirteenth century, Castle S. Zeno (now a museum) and Rocca degli Alberi (that has now been trasformed into a hostel).


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