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Padova Centro storico

Duration: 2 hours
Transport: on foot
Suggested time: all-year
Terrain: completely flat


Padua is one of the cities with the most records in the world: Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in the world (90,000 sq. m.), S. Giustina, one of the largest basilicas (length: 120 m) and oldest (fourth century AD). Here the relics of St. Luke the Evangelist are preserved; S. Antonio among the most popular and magnificent shrines; the University, one of the oldest and most prestigious (dates back to 1222); the first botanical garden of the West (1545); the Medieval Court, among the largest (81,52 m long; 26,16 m large; 35,38 high) with its 217 metres of frescoes. Cafè Pedrocchi is one of the rare examples of an early nineteenth century monumental coffee bar; Giotto's frescoes in the Cappella degli Scrovegni. And do not forget that Padua is the birthplace of Palladio!


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Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, better known as Palladio, an incredible architect famous all over the world, was born in Padua on November 30th, 1508. The main document revealing his paduan origins dates back to 1563, when an old 72-year-old boatman, Giovanni Maria Sordi, called “the Sordo”, relased a very important deposition.

The Guided Tour offers a pleasant walk through the places
that saw the childhood and adolescence of
the great Renaissance genius of Padua

before his definitive moving to Vicenza in 1524.

The area where he lived, at least until 1512, is situated
in front of the 13th-century castle,
enlarged during the Carraresi domination.

The itinerary starts in front of the the Oratory of San Michele,
in piazzetta San Michele and it will continue passing throught
the Borgo della Paglia, Castelvecchio and
Casa Gabrielli in Riviera Tiso
from Camposampiero,
Palazzo Candi, Palazzo Genoa and Oddi Palace in via Rogati,
The Pratense College and the Loggia
and Odeo Cornaro in Via Cesarotti.

The tour also focuses on the artist’s first education,
the relationships that his family established in the city
and the masters who introduced him to the Art world like
Vincenzo Grandi and Bartolomeo Cavazza Da Sossano.

Times employed:  min

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PADUA - The Museum Centre PDF Print Email

In the civic museums of the Heremitans, one of the richest in Italy, you can admire: the Crucifix of Giotto, the Angels of Guariento (giottesco), Vivarini (the mantegnesco Jacopo da Montagnana), Bellini, Bassano, Da Ponte, GiorgioneTintoretto, Palma the Elderly and the Younger,
Veronese and his school, Sansovino, Ricco and Donatelliani,
Padovanino, Romanino, Piazzetta, Pittoni, Ricci, Zugno,
Tiepolo, Longhi, Canova and … works of art.

The church of the Eremitani, with its precious sculptures
and frescoes
dating back to the 300, Giotteschi painters like
Guariento, Semitecolo, Giusto de 'Menabuoi and Altichiero,
and the remains of the cycle of Mantegna.
The Chapel of the Scrovegni with the amazing cycle
of Giotto's frescoes covering all the interior part,
depicting the story of Mary and Jesus.
The Museum of Decorative Arts with its wonderful collections of pots,
lace, furnishings, furniture, silverware, jewelry, coins and
others sculptures and paintings of great value.

The Guided Tour includes: ....................

Times employed: ...... min


Possibility to rent audio microphone system


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