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The city of Treviso, completely built on the water It’s often
defined as “Little Venice”.canali-e-case-affrescate

There are two rivers that flow throught Treviso: river Sile and
the Botteniga or Cagnan, as cited by Dante in the IX part
of the Divine Comedy.

These spring rivers have affected the locals’ lives; mills,
transport, commercial activities and the production of the
famous Red Radicchio of Treviso.

The Guided Tour will pass throught the
Riviera S. Margherita, the Latin Quarter and the
University area, Ponte Dante, Pescheria Island,
Buranelli, Piazza Duomo, the old Roman Cardo,
now known as Calmaggiore, Via Roggia,
Piazza dei Signori with Palazzo dei Trecento,
via Barberia, the Breast Fountain and the Knight's Lodge.

Time spent: 1h 45 min

NOTES: always feasible


Friday 2nd February 2018

9.00 / 10.45

Groups max 25 pax: euro 115,00

Possibility to rent radio-microphone system